Description of VPS Hosting Services

MEGAHOST – an acclaimed hosting company and an ICANN-approved domain registrar, which is continually evolving and advancing, offers a number of reasonably priced Virtual Private Servers. You can buy both OpenVZ and KVM VPS plans.

The OpenVZ technology offers a more dynamic way to host your web sites. This virtualization technology is open source-based, so it will continue to advance.

The KVM VPS hosting platform is more traditional and established, offering a well-tried and secure way to manage your virtual private server.

1 CPU Core
20 GB Storage
$6.00 / month
VPS vBox 1
1 CPU Core
40 GB Storage
$12.00 / month

We offer you low-priced hosting services, which come directly from the web hosting company, and not from a 3rd party. This helps MEGAHOST to maintain low prices and ensures that you are provided with the best possible resources for your sites. Albeit these moderate prices, you still get exceptional resources. For instance, our OpenVZ VPS hosting servers are more dependable than the regular virtual private servers, since they make use of state-of-the-art solid-state disks offering higher data transfer speeds, not ordinary hard drives.

You Exert Full Command over Your VPS Hosting

You exert full command over the Virtual Private Server. You get full server root access, so you have everything you require to manage your virtual hosting server. With MEGAHOST, you can upgrade instantaneously without service disturbances, which is an essential point to consider no matter what your web site will be. Our inexpensive VPS hosting packages include fast private virtual server hosting account activation and customer care services and no signup taxes. This way, with us, you get the ideal mixture of full-featured web hosting plans, the latest technology and an exceptional client support service, which makes MEGAHOST the most relevant choice for your web hosting necessities.

Have a look now at the amazing selection of services on offer at our website and select the one that's right for you. So, buy VPS hosting plans from MEGAHOST today!